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- “Suelo” by María José Contreras: Provocation of limits and memory in urban space.   

- María José Contreras, performance artist: “We are immersed in a galloping neoliberal culture”


-  The human scar that sprouted in the center of Santiago.

- A thousand lying bodies remember those who disappeared during the Chilean dictatorship.

-  "We will create a human scar on the city." 

-  40 years of the coup against Salvador Allende: the victims are remembered with people lying on the street . 

-  #wantNover: More than 1,200 people remember the disappeared with a line of bodies along the Alameda.

-  Wanting not to see: The protest that surprised the Alameda.

-  Lying on the floor, they remember the disappeared in the Pinochet regime .

-  Chileans remember lying on their backs the 40 years of the military coup.

-  #WantingNOver a scar covered Santiago .


- "I spend four hours a day on the internet and one with my parents": The reality of "centennials" is made visible in -  #LaConquista: The effects of the digital age reach the GAM.

- The "centennials" arrive at Teatro Hoy with the premiere of the play #LaConquista.
- Itinerant Bar – #LaConquista.


- The indignation is transferred to the polls in "table voices".

-  Subsidized Table and Private Vocals: two versions of social discontent in theater. 

-  Work "Vocales de mesa" confronts women in the plebiscite in a complex political moment.

-  Table vocals, contingent theater.


- “Pajarito nuevo leading it”, the work that is heard with headphones. 

- Testimonies of Children in the Dictatorship Inspire the Scenic Experiment "Little New Bird Takes It". 

- Today the 25th and tomorrow, the last performances of "Pajarito Nuevo La Lleva", by María José Contreras, at the GAM

- Work "Pajarito Nuevo la Lleva" will be published by an English publishing house.  


- "The shore", inquiries about death.

- Theater Play La Orilla Dramaturgy: Cía. Patio Theater and Andrés Kalaswki.


- "I am interested in investigating how the body becomes an instrument of expression".

  habeas  CORPUS  

- The actress María José Contreras performed the Habeas Corpus performance at the Palacio deTribunales.


- Golden Real Performance, the Daniel Zamudio case and discrimination, Saturday at the GAM.

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