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Pajarito Nuevo la Lleva is a testimonial work inspired by the memories of a group of Chileans who were children for September 11, 1973 or during the period of protests in the eighties. The spectators witness the work with headphones through which they listen to different fragments of the original testimonies that are coordinated with the action of the actors on stage. There are different versions of "soundtrack" so that although all viewers see the same thing, each one listens to different stories as happened to the witnesses who interpreted their experience from what they heard from the adults of the time.

P A J A R I T O  N U E V O
L A  L L E V A



María José Contreras

Direction assistent:

Ornella de la Vega

Interviews: Nancy Nicholls

Theoric advisors:

Ivan Smirnov, Milena Grass


Lorena Álvarez

Sound technician:

Braulio Pino


Pablo Dubott, Andrea Soto, 

Carolina Quito, Vicente Almuna,

 Andrea Pelegri, Luis Aros

Project funded by:

Laboratorios Teatrales Escuela de Teatro UC 2008

Vicerrectoría de Investigación PUC.

Photography: Nombre Apellido

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