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"Pajarito Nuevo la Lleva" is a testimonial theatre piece that emerged from an interdisciplinary research initiative exploring the experiences of children during the dictatorship. Collaborating with an interdisciplinary team, we delved into various forms of staging traumatic memories.

I directed the creative outcome of this research, titled "Pajarito Nuevo la LLeva" ("Early Bird is in Charge"). The production is based on testimonies from individuals who were children during the State Coup in Chile. Spectators experienced the performance using headphones, through which they heard the original testimonies blended with music and sounds. Different soundtrack versions were employed, ensuring that while all spectators witnessed the same stage action, each group listened to distinct stories and testimonies. This approach aimed to replicate a key finding from the oral history aspect of the project: that children's experiences were significantly shaped by what they heard from their parents and adults.

The play was subsequently published in The Methuen Anthology of Testimonial Plays by Bloomsbury in 2014.

P A J A R I T O  N U E V O
L A  L L E V A



María José Contreras

Direction assistent:

Ornella de la Vega

Interviews: Nancy Nicholls

Theoric advisors:

Ivan Smirnov, Milena Grass


Lorena Álvarez

Sound technician:

Braulio Pino


Pablo Dubott, Andrea Soto, 

Carolina Quito, Vicente Almuna,

 Andrea Pelegri, Luis Aros

Project funded by:

Laboratorios Teatrales Escuela de Teatro UC 2008

Vicerrectoría de Investigación PUC.

Photography: Nombre Apellido

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