Ph.D in Semiotics,

Universidad de Bolonia

Actress, Teatro Ridotto

Psychologist, PUC

My artistic and academic interests are articulated around questions on corporealities. My background is heterogeneous, I have walked through various disciplines, with the desire to learn different ways to think and act from the body. I studied Psychology with aiming to understand how language was articulated with and of the body. I was excited about psychoanalysis, especially with Bion's theory that allowed me to think about the experience and learning beyond words. In 2001 I relocated to Italy where I trained as an actress at the Ridotto Theater. At Teatro Ridotto I learned about theater anthropology and the Odin Teatret. My training focused on performance research on the expressive and pre-expressive capabilities of the body. With my group Tr ^ es Teatro, we conducted a daily training focused on performative research of the pre-expressive principles of the body. We set up three works with which we toured in various cities in Italy and Ukraine. Over the years, the work became increasingly intense and fruitful, which prompted me to complement practical work with theory. I applied to the Ph.D. in Semiotics at the University of Bologna. I was accepted with a scholarship and after four years I concluded my research: "Il corpo in scena: indagine sullo semiotic status of the performative corporative nella", research that links my practical knowledge with theoretical reflections on the body.

In 2008 I returned to Chile and since then I have tried to link the scenic and performance practice with theory. I direct the theater company Teatro de Patio that has presented its performances in prestigious venues in the country such as Lastarria 90, Teatro del Puente, GAM.


In 2011 I started creating and working on performance art. This language has allowed me to explore with materiality, presence and to explore participatory tactics. Through performance art I have been able to investigate other ways of inhabiting my corporality.

Since my return to Chile, I've been working as a professor at the Theater School of the Catholic University where I teach MOVEMENT (Performance). LABORATORIES OF PERFORMATIVE PRACTICES ((Performance), POLICIES AND AESTHETICS OF THE BODY IN SCENE (Magister and Doctorate in Arts) and ARTISTIC PRACTICE AS RESEARCH (Ph.D. in Arts UC). I have directed several research projects at the UC Theater School, among them the Initiation Fondecyt "The body of memory/body memory".

In recent years I have specialized in performative research methodologies that seek to generate knowledge through artistic practice.

I like collaborating with other artists and professionals. As the years go by, I understand collaboration as a powerful political weapon of inspiring creative force. I also collaborate with international research groups such as the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Policy of New York University and the Center for the Study of Social Difference of Columbia University.

Contact information:


Santiago de Chile – Nueva York, EE.UU.