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Site specific memory performance
Aerial photography : Aarón Montoya-Moraga 
Various sites in Santiago de Chile and surrounding areas
August 2016

In this performance, I occupy the places where the bodies of 11 women killed during the first four months of the dictatorship in Chile were found (September-December 1973). Based on the geolocation of the interactive map published on the site, I perform the simple action of occupying the same place where the bodies were found more than 40 years ago. I remain alone and a drone driven by Aaron Montoya-Moraga photographs the action. There is no audience or direct audience beyond occasional passersby. The photos are then published next to the interactive map on this website seeking to problematize the memory spaces in our country. Beyond the monuments and memory enclosures, there are thousands of points in our cities, vacant lots, corners, homes, streets and passages where people were killed by state terrorism during the dictatorship. These places remain anonymous susceptible to collective oblivion. Here it seeks through a concrete action in the present, to mark these spaces and then to project them in the virtual space of the internet by means of the diffusion of the photos areas.


To learn more about this performance, read the chapter "Here: Performing Mapping Practices in Santiago de Chile" in the Women Mobilizing Memory volume (Columbia University Press, 2019).

Photography: Nombre Apellido

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