# Q U E R E R N O V E R
Mass Memory Action
1200 bodies lying in the Alameda to represent the more than 1200 detainees disappeared in Chile
September 10th, 2013

Before the constant declarations of some sectors of the country that claim to have ignored at the time the systematic violations of human rights in Chile exercised by the state apparatus during the Military Dictatorship, I called the mass action called #quererNOver, on the occasion of the commemoration of 40 years of the coup.

The action was attended by 1210 volunteers who went to bed from La Moneda to Plaza Italia on the north side, representing the more than one thousand Disappeared Detainees in dictatorship.


#quererNOver was held on September 10 at 8:49 a.m., and lasted 11 minutes.


Photography: Nombre Apellido