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Body Maps Workshops

Body Maps Workshops offer an opportunity for working on our own memories, feelings, and hopes.  I first worked with Body Maps in 2009 while facilitating workshops with survivors of the Chilean Dictatorship. Since then, I've offered hundreds of workshops for different communities usually in post-conflict situations. Body maps have proven to be a powerful artistic tool for letting the unnameable emerge.  Building personal body maps in a collective setting offer the opportunity to express through artistic means what's difficult to tell, share and even remember.  

Each workshop serves different communities and has different purposes that change the general prompt: We're working on our difficult pasts", "we're working on how we feel in this community",

In 2021 I've been facilitating Body Maps Workshops in the context of the Zip Code Memory Project.  I've verified the impact of body maps for working to process and heal the ongoing pandemic trauma. 

Workshop in the context of the Zip Code Memory Project

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