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Workshop Structure Proposal

  • Introduction: Who we are, why we're here, what we're doing. Touchstones for collective interactions

  • Theatrical community-building games

  • Theatrical games in pairs

  • Match exercise: inspired by the work of Lola Arias, each participant tells while the match is lit something regarding the topic of the workshop (how we feel, what's difficult to remember, how do I carry my body?)

  • In couples, each lays on top of a big paper and a partner draws their silhouette in a 1:1 scale on a kraft paper. 

  • Each participant goes back to their map and starts populating their body maps with memories, feelings, fears, hopes. Participants can use whatever means they want (I usually bring with me markers, color pencils, wool, stickers, feathers, color paper. etc) to draw, write, scribble, sketch on their body maps. 

  • We hang all the maps and take time to look at them. 

  • Physical Exercises with the body maps (how to embody/dance our body map? How to embody/dance others maps?)

  • Sharing in small groups. participants can ask each other the meaning of the drawings, symbols, and words in their body maps. 

  • Sharing in plenary: participants share their experience in the workshops, what they've learned about themselves and others. 


Lorie Novak / Zip Code Memory Project

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