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V A L O R !
8 site specific performances
By María José Contreras,
Carolina Ihle, Fernando Portal
mil m2
March - December 2015

Interdisciplinary project that seeks to problematize different types of heritage value construction from the arts. The performance artist María José Contreras and the architect Carolina Ihle worked for a whole year in the Project Pending space of milm2 that is characterized by its exceptional 29% inclination and its impending demolition in 2017.


This space was artistically intervened through a series of site specific performances that attempted to answer the following questions from artistic practice:

- Who participates in the construction of equity value?

- Who quantifies the equity value?

- How is equity value exchanged / traded / traded?

The artists occupied different formats, from live actions, video art, architectural surveys to interrogate the heritage status of the Pending Space.

In July 2016, a sample of the vestiges of the actions was opened in the Replica Gallery of the Universidad Austral, Valdivia, Chile.

To learn more about this performance, read the chapter "Here: Performing Mapping Practices in Santiago de Chile" in the Women Mobilizing Memory volume (Columbia University Press, 2019).

Photography: Nombre Apellido

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